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Wardrobe ManagementIt's a fact that we are influenced by visual signals and we generally form impressions of people, places and things based on what we see and hear. Sight and sound are two profoundly important methods of sensing the world around us and it is not surprising then, that they contribute strongly towards the impressions we form of individuals.

Research has shown that in both social and work situations the way we present ourselves makes a significant difference to the way others perceive us. Our appearance, which everyone has of some kind, combined with our body language and speech, will determine the impression others form of us. Again, research demonstrates that when we walk into a room we have just 30 seconds to make that essential first impression. Only 7% of the first impression we form of someone is based on what they say, the other 93% is based on non-verbal communication, principally appearance (Albert Mehrabian).

'When a woman is badly dressed, you notice the clothes. When a woman is well-dressed, you notice the woman.' - Coco Chanel

As an Image Consultant, I look at practical and effective ways of helping you create a more confident and positive impression by looking afresh at how you present yourself and the suitability of your wardrobe to your lifestyle, occupation, budget, personality and physical characteristics. As we are each unique individuals with many different facets to our lives, no two consultations will ever be the same nor should they be.

'Vain trifles as they seem, clothes change our view of the world and how the world sees us.' - Virginia Woolf

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...Oh, and after you've left, I won't totally abandon you to your own devices; this is a new skill you're learning, and like anything new you may feel uncertain at times. I will always follow-up to see how things are going and I'm happy to answer e-mail queries or those panic phone calls when you're out shopping and you're just not sure and require just a little reassurance...

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